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When and Where?

As from 2014 MathsMind has usually been held on Tuesday of the third full week in August.  The day of the week is likely to change to the Friday of that week.  This will be discussed at the 2018 March bopma committee meeting.

(It takes place during the week after Maths Week)

The three sub-regions take turn to host the contest:
2019 Eastern Bay of Plenty
2018 Rotorua
2017 Western Bay of Plenty (Otumoetai College)
2016 Eastern Bay of Plenty (Trident High School)
2015 Rotorua (Rotorua Girls' High School)
2014 Western Bay of Plenty (Tauranga Boys' College)
2013 Eastern Bay of plenty
2012 Rotorua
2011 Western Bay of Plenty
2010 Eastern Bay of Plenty
2009 Rotorua
2008 Western Bay of Plenty
2007 Eastern Bay of Plenty