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Operating Procedures on the day

Attend the Markers Meeting, 1/2 hr prior to the start. Finger food, etc, will be provided.
Host school: this meeting is best done in a room separate from the auditorium. With less noise the concentration is higher.
You will be allocated a desk in the Auditorium.
You will be issuing question slips to two teams. You will have two books of questions and one answer sheet.
The two books of questions must lie face down on the table.
The answers are invisible to the students at all times. The answers read from the bottom up, i.e., there is no way the student can see the answer to the next questions while you are checking the current answer.  (It will be explained)
You say, "Correct" or "Incorrect".
You must not say such comments like "Close!" or "You're miles out!" etc.
Be expeditious when checking answers. There is nothing more frustrating for a team than to have a marker who takes longer than others to hand the slip back or to hand over a new slip.
There will be students from the host school who will collect slips off you.
These students are required to collect slips from you quickly and frequently.
Each team is permitted five attempts per question.
A team may find a question too difficult and may pass it in and collect the next question.
At some point in time you will be asked to jot the elapsed time on each slip before it is collected in for the scorers. This is most important during the latter stages of the event, especially when teams are level-pegging.
If there is a requirement for markers to know of a change to one of the answers then the information needs to be conveyed in a non-verbal method.