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Year 9 Teams for 2014

Year 9 teams will not be permitted to use calculators.
Questions will be framed with this in mind.

Some of the questions will be problem-solvers, and some will be quick-fire calculations which are a test of skills only. Some will be easy and some difficult.

Contestants will be provided with one sheet of blank paper.
All they may take into the hall will be a pen or pencil.

Skills and knowledge :
Expect some questions may require students to solve problems involving:
Positive and negative integer calculations, with integer results
Multiply two or three digit whole numbers, e.g., 250 x 30; 48x36
Simplifying a quotient, e.g., 120000÷ 4000, 3600÷ 120The result will be an integer.
Addition and subtraction of fractions
Multilication and division of fractions.
Decimal numbers: the usual skills
Percentage increase, decrease
Simple rates
Area & volume of rectangles, cuboids. Units required.
Meaning of 'sum', 'difference', 'product'
Average & mean
Squares of whole numbers, up to 12 2 = 144
Simple speed problems. It may be worth knowing 6 min = 1/10 hr
Meaning of the word 'consecutive'
Bearings, headings, measured clockwise from North.
Knowledge of Roman numerals, e.g., converting a number from Roman to modern, and vice versa, up to MM
Knowing what digits are, e.g., the number 705 has three digits.