Bay of Plenty Mathematical Association

2010 MathsMind


Date: Wednesday 25 August 2010
Venue: Whakatane high School
Co-ordinator: Declan Manning

The Bay of Plenty Mathematical Association acknowledges a substantial financial contribution made by the Ministry of Education, Mathletics and Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust.
Significant contributions were also made by Casio.

Overall Best School
Tauranga Boys College

Year 9 Competition

This event ran smoothly, with a number of teams reaching the last question before the finish.
Question setter: Craig McFarlane
Question editor: Jim Hogan (Mathematics Advisor)

Results for Year 9
1st: John Paul College '1'
2nd: Tauranga Boys College '1'
3rd: Bethlehem College '2'

Year 10 Competition
This event also ran smoothly. There can be a tendency to make the Year 10 questions substantially more difficult than the Year 9 questions. This year's set presented a good range of difficulty.

Results for Year 10
1st: Aquinas College '1'
2nd: Otumoetai College '1'
3rd: Bethlehem College '1'

A full set of results, as well as Questions and Answers, may be viewed on the BoPMA website

'Under-1000' Schools Competition
1st: Aquinas College, Tauranga

Eastern Bay of Plenty Top School
Whakatane High School

Andrew Ferguson
President, BoPMA

Craig McFarlane
Secretary, BoPMA

Anne Marie Denny
Treasurer, BoPMA