Guidelines for bopma events

Times may vary.

Month Week Type What
March First or second Committee meeting (Te Puke)
Usually on a Thursday
Last year's Mini Conference debriefing
This year's Mini Conference.  Where and when.  Event director.
This year's MathsMind briefing
Alert MathsMind trophy holders to return trophies to the June committee meeting)
June Second Committee meeting (Lakes high)
Usually on a Thursday
AGM (Adopt President's report & Annual financial report
Confirm region for next year's AGM
MathsMind briefing
Mini Conference briefing
All MathsMind trophoies must now be in the hands of the Secretary.
August Second NZ Maths Week Five days of fun nationwide. Find out more
August Friday following Maths Week * MathsMind
A 'must do' is having a photograph showing the MoE banner. MoE is a sponsor.
September Third Committee (Te Puke)
Usually on a Thursday
MathsMind debriefing
Confirm region for next year's MathsMind
Set member school subscription rates for the following year
Mini Conference briefing
Confirm Q&A writers and checkers for next year's MathsMind
Confirm region for next year's AGM.
November Third Mini Conference
Usually on a Friday
Presentation of Long Service Awards.
Format of the Mini Conference tends to vary.

* Maths Week takes place during the second full week in August. Our MathsMind takes place the following Friday.